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EMAIL: [email protected]     
PHONE: 225-686-4224
FAX: 225-686-4279

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LPPS COVER SHEET and proposed advertisement must be submitted to the Business Department prior to the AD being published in The Livingston Parish News.  


                      Purchasing Manual
                      Louisiana State Bid Law
                      Sales Tax Exemption Form
                      Hotel Lodging Tax Exemption Form
Electronically Access and Submit Bids at www.centralbidding.com

LA Department of State Purchasing website:  www.doa.la.gov/Pages/osp/Index.aspx

Current Solicitations and Recaps

 Bid No. 24-02: Food Service Disposables for Warehouse Stock
 Bid No. 24-01: Custodial Supplies for Warehouse Stock
 RFP 24-06: TPA for Claims Services
            Excel to Accompany TPA RFP
            RFP 24-06: Addendum No. 1
LPPS Bid No 24-05: Ice Cream Products for 2024-2025 School Year
LPPS Bid No. 24-04: Purchased Food for 2024-2025 School Year
LPPS RFP No. 23-12: Districtwide Comprehensive Organizational Review
      Addendum No. 1: LPPS RFP 23-12
LPPS Bid 23-08 Gas and Diesel - Bid Tabulation
LPPS RFP No. 23-11: Independent Audit Services
LPPS Bid No. 23-08: Gas and Diesel for LPPS Fuel Stations 2023-2024
LPPS Bid No. 23-06: 2023-2024 Food Service Disposables
       LPPS Bid No 23-06 - Bid Tab
LPPS Bid No. 23-05: 2023-2024 Custodial Supplies
      LPPS Bid No. 23-05 - Bid Tab
      Addendum No. 2: LPPS RFP 23-10
     Addendum No. 1: LPPS RFP 23-10
LPPS RFP 23-10: Consulting and Representation Services - Disaster Recovery
    Addendum No. 1: LPPS RFP 23-09
LPPS RFP 23-09: Pre-Positioned Emergency Remediation Services
LPPS Bid 23-02: SFS Disposables for 2023-2024 School Year
LPPS Bid 23-03: Pizza for 2023-2024 School Year
LPPS RFP 23-04: Fiscal Agent
   *LPPS RFP 23-04 Addendum No. 1
LPPS Bid 23-07: Ice Cream for 2023-2024 School Year
LPPS RFP 23-01: Networking Hardware Proposal Tabulation
LPPS Bid 22-04: 2022 - 2023 Food Service Disposables Bid Tabulation
LPPS Bid 22-03: 2022 - 2023 Custodial Supplies Bid Tabulation
LPPS Bid 21-03 Gas & Diesel - Bid Tabulation